The New Filipino Kitchen Nabs Three Honors at Eric Hoffer Awards

The Eric Hoffer Awards is an international book awards in memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer.  It honors freethinking writers and independent books of exceptional merit. With over 1,900 participating books, 25 all-inclusive categories, and over 100 judges, it is a great honor for THE NEW FILIPINO KITCHEN to be recognized by one of the top literary awards for independent books.

The New Filipino Kitchen nabbed three distinctions:

  1. 2019 Winner: First Runner-up in the Home categoryEricHoffer-Winner
  2. Grand Prize Shortlist

EricHoffer-Shortlist      3. First Horizon Finalist – an additional distinction beneath the Eric Hoffer Award umbrella . It recognizes superior work by debut authors .

The US Review of Books published the judges’ remarks on The New Filipino Kitchen:

First Runner-Up

“The New Filipino Kitchen, Jacqueline Chio-Lauri, Agate Surrey – It is difficult to find a cookbook that stands out, given the vast number that are available today. However, Editor, Jacqueline Chio-Lauri has accomplished this in compiling Filipino recipes from all around the globe. The book is a collection of recipes, photos, and stories that highlights the history and traditions of the Filipino people. Numerous contributors, some of whom are successful chefs, share their memories of family, history, and favorite dishes. Certain recipes have been adapted over time. While not all ingredients are widely known, like banana blossoms, for example, suggestions are made as to where they can be found. Unique dishes, including Baked Chicken Adobo Infused with Coconut Milk and Champorado (sweet chocolate porridge), and many others are included and provide a wonderful inspiration to try something new and expand one’s food palate.” – The Eric Hoffer Awards

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